We are currently still supporting AeroNOx parts and accessory needs. Call our service department at 512.873.0033 or to order any additional parts or spare as needed. To view AeroNOx 2.0 parts or accessories please visit our AeroNOx 2.0 page.

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Dovetail Bracket 224-5001Dovetail Bracket
Part No.: 224-5001

 Manifold Cover 236-5002Manifold Cover
Part No.: 236-5002

 AeroNOx Universal Power Supply 293-0040AeroNOx Universal Power Supply
Part No.: 293-0040

 Manifold 328-0242Manifold
Part No.: 328-0242

 Bumper 376-1000Bumper
Part No.: 376-1000

 AeroNOx Nitric Oxide (NO) Sensor 700-0601AeroNOx Nitric Oxide (NO) Sensor
Part No.: 700-0601

 AeroNOx Oxygen (O2) Calibration Pot Assembly 731-9376AeroNOx Oxygen (O2) Calibration Pot Assembly
Part No.: 731-9376

 AeroNOx Power Supply Fan Assembly 731-9379AeroNOx Power Supply Fan Assembly
Part No.: 731-9379

 Back-up NO regulator 731-9143Back-up NO regulator
Part No.: 731-9143

AeroNOx bagger (5 pack) 731-9918AeroNOx bagger (5 pack)
Part No.: 731-9918

 Spring Latch 234-4000Spring Latch
Part No.: 234-4000

 Power Jack 249-6005Power Jack
Part No.: 249-6005

 Knob, Black 316-2000Knob, Black
Part No.: 316-2000

Valve Shaft 352-7000Valve Shaft
Part No.: 352-7000

Metering Valve
Part No.: 382-2001

AeroNOx Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sensor 700-0602AeroNOx Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sensor
Part No.: 700-0602

 AeroNOx Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Calibration Pot Assembly 731-9377AeroNOx Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Calibration Pot Assembly
Part No.: 731-9377

Bottom Case, Top Case, Lid, and Latch 738-1937Bottom Case, Top Case, Lid, and Latch
Part No.: 738-1937

Sample lines (10 pack) 731-9915Sample lines (10 pack)
Part No.: 731-9915

INOstat baggers (5 pack) 731-9919INOstat baggers (5 pack)
Part No.: 731-9919

AeroNOx Lid Latch 234-4002AeroNOx Lid Latch
Part No.: 234-4002

Quick Connect Gas Fitting 278-1002Quick Connect Gas Fitting
Part No.: 278-1002

Knob Disc
Part No.: 320-8000

NO2 Relay Switch PCB 357-7605NO2 Relay Switch PCB
Part No.: 357-7605

 AeroNOx Oxygen (O2) Sensor 700-0600AeroNOx Oxygen (O2) Sensor
Part No.: 700-0600

AeroNOx Calibration Screw Driver 731-9144AeroNOx Calibration Screw Driver
Part No.: 731-9144

 AeroNOx Nitric Oxide (NO) Calibration Pot Assembly 731-9378AeroNOx Nitric Oxide (NO) Calibration Pot Assembly
Part No.: 731-9378

 AeroNOx 12VDC Battery 888-0115AeroNOx 12VDC Battery
Part No.: 888-0115

 Delivery lines (10 pack) 731-9916Delivery lines (10 pack)
Part No.: 731-9916

Sample and Delivery line kit (min. order 5)
Part No.: 731-9928