Angel Eye Camera Systems

The first generation of Angel Eye camera, introduced in 2006, was an exciting breakthrough for parents who were unable to stay at the hospital due to work and other obligations.  The program was the first in the United States to deliver real-time video of the hospitalized infants directly to their remote families. Ten years later, Angel Eye continues to invest in their technology, team and passion to keep families connected throughout each phase of neonatal care.

NICU Technology Transforming How you Stay Connected.

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What parents are saying…

“Thank you Angel Eye. The comfort you gave us as first time parents with our newborn in the NICU is truly priceless.”

“Angel Eye was truly a lifesaver for us, being two hours away from our son. I am so grateful LeHigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania had them. It got us through five months of our son being there.”

“It was a blessing to our family to be able to see our babies whenever we couldn’t be there.”

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