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Battery used in Light Weight Voyager Applications (5.11″ x 6.91″ x 3.28″)
Part No.: 888-0073

Universal Jumper Cable
1 Meter, 10 Amps, 250 Volts
Part No.: 231-3942

Compressor Battery (6.60″ x 7.15″ x 3.00″)
Part No.:800-0002

Standard Battery for All Incubator Models (4.92″ x 6.53″ x 6.89″)
Part No.: 888-0071

Skin Temperature probes 711-3401Disposable skin temperature probe adaptor cable
Part No.: 711-3401

Skin temperature probe, reusable 700-3409Skin temperature probe, reusable
Part No.: 700-3409

Rectal temperature probes 700-3420Rectal temperature probes, disposable (40 pack)
Part No.: 700-3420

Disposable skin temperature probe adaptor cable 700-3401Skin temperature probes, disposable (30 pack)
Part No.: 700-3401

Phototherapy eye shields, micro (50 packs)
Part No.: 731-0003

Phototherapy eye shields, 731-0004Phototherapy eye shields, small (50 packs)
Part No.: 731-0004

Phototherapy eye shields, large 731-0005Phototherapy eye shields, large (50 packs)
Part No.: 731-0005

Cable management bag 731-2900Cable management bag
Part No.: 731-2900

Infant restraint harness, papoose style 731-2901Infant restraint harness, papoose style
Part No.: 731-2901

no-photoNeonatal respiratory bag
Part No.: 731-2902

3 pump/IV pole 731-29153 pump/IV pole
Part No.: 731-2915

Velcro restraint straps, disposable 731-2950Velcro restraint straps, disposable (20 sets)
Part No.: 731-2950

Mattress, pressure relieving 731-9439Mattress, pressure relieving (10.75″ x 23.5″)
Part No.: 731-9439

Mattress, standard foam 731-9441Mattress, standard foam (10.75″ x 23.5″)
Part No.: 731-9441

4 pump/IV rail for Medfusion pumps 731-99024 pump/IV rail for Medfusion pumps
Part No.: 731-9902

Bbraun pump rail 731-0028Bbraun pump rail
Part No.: 731-0028

Standard IBP cable 6 pin end 231-6063Standard IBP cable 6 pin end
Part No.: 231-6063

Fogg HP IBP cable 12 pin end 231-6068Fogg HP IBP cable 12 pin end
Part No.: 231-6068

Temperature adaptor cable, HP 711-3402Temperature adaptor cable, HP
Part No.: 711-3402

Dovetail Bracket 224-5001Dovetail Bracket
Part No.: 224-5001

 Manifold Cover 236-5002Manifold Cover
Part No.: 236-5002

 AeroNOx Universal Power Supply 293-0040AeroNOx Universal Power Supply
Part No.: 293-0040

 Manifold 328-0242Manifold
Part No.: 328-0242

 Bumper 376-1000Bumper
Part No.: 376-1000

 AeroNOx Nitric Oxide (NO) Sensor 700-0601AeroNOx Nitric Oxide (NO) Sensor
Part No.: 700-0601

 AeroNOx Oxygen (O2) Calibration Pot Assembly 731-9376AeroNOx Oxygen (O2) Calibration Pot Assembly
Part No.: 731-9376

 AeroNOx Power Supply Fan Assembly 731-9379AeroNOx Power Supply Fan Assembly
Part No.: 731-9379

 Back-up NO regulator 731-9143Back-up NO regulator
Part No.: 731-9143

AeroNOx bagger (5 pack) 731-9918AeroNOx bagger (5 pack)
Part No.: 731-9918

 Spring Latch 234-4000Spring Latch
Part No.: 234-4000

 Power Jack 249-6005Power Jack
Part No.: 249-6005

 Knob, Black 316-2000Knob, Black
Part No.: 316-2000

Valve Shaft 352-7000Valve Shaft
Part No.: 352-7000

Metering Valve
Part No.: 382-2001

AeroNOx Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sensor 700-0602AeroNOx Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sensor
Part No.: 700-0602

 AeroNOx Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Calibration Pot Assembly 731-9377AeroNOx Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Calibration Pot Assembly
Part No.: 731-9377

Bottom Case, Top Case, Lid, and Latch 738-1937Bottom Case, Top Case, Lid, and Latch
Part No.: 738-1937

Sample lines (10 pack) 731-9915Sample lines (10 pack)
Part No.: 731-9915

INOstat baggers (5 pack) 731-9919INOstat baggers (5 pack)
Part No.: 731-9919

AeroNOx Lid Latch 234-4002AeroNOx Lid Latch
Part No.: 234-4002

Quick Connect Gas Fitting 278-1002Quick Connect Gas Fitting
Part No.: 278-1002

Knob Disc
Part No.: 320-8000

NO2 Relay Switch PCB 357-7605NO2 Relay Switch PCB
Part No.: 357-7605

 AeroNOx Oxygen (O2) Sensor 700-0600AeroNOx Oxygen (O2) Sensor
Part No.: 700-0600

AeroNOx Calibration Screw Driver 731-9144AeroNOx Calibration Screw Driver
Part No.: 731-9144

 AeroNOx Nitric Oxide (NO) Calibration Pot Assembly 731-9378AeroNOx Nitric Oxide (NO) Calibration Pot Assembly
Part No.: 731-9378

 AeroNOx 12VDC Battery 888-0115AeroNOx 12VDC Battery
Part No.: 888-0115

 Delivery lines (10 pack) 731-9916Delivery lines (10 pack)
Part No.: 731-9916

Sample and Delivery line kit (min. order 5)
Part No.: 731-9928