Fiber Optic Phototherapy


BiliCocoon, an all-in-one phototherapy system, provides the largest therapeutic surface area to minimize treatment time.

BiliCocoon Phototherapy System

The BiliCocoon provides a soft and flexible treatment option that is compatible with warmers, incubators and kangaroo care therapy. The Nest System is ideal for preterm babies with quick and easy access to the newborn, and provides a large surface area with posterior and lateral coverage. The Bag System is ideal for full term babies and provides anterior and posterior pads for full body coverage.

  • Large therapeutic surface area to minimize treatment time
  • Double the surface area for full body coverage
  • Kangaroo care compatible
  • Meets and exceeds AAP guidelines
  • Even light distribution; no hot spots
  • Flexible fabric for a comfortable fit
  • Quiet operation (< 34 dB(A) at 1 m)

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The BiliCocoon Phototherapy System is only available in the United States.