Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solution for Infants

The Sweet-Ease 24% sucrose and purified water solution is used to soothe & calm the baby.

Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solution

The Sweet-Ease 24% sucrose and purified water solution used to sooth the baby

Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solution

  • Sucrose is an all natural, non-pharmacologic intervention that has been widely studied and proven to reduce stress and discomfort to the infant
  • This 15 mL cup is aseptically packaged with a peel-off lid that is suitable for dipping a pacifier or for administration via a dropper or syringe
  • 2 mL vial can simplify clinician workflow by allowing the administration of sucrose directly onto the tip of an infant’s tongue or buccal surface
  • Preservative-free Sweet-Ease may be used in all areas of the hospital, including the NICU, PICU, newborn nursery, ER or at the pediatrician’s office

About Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solution

Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solution for infants is a safe and effective way to provide comfort and pain relief to babies during medical procedures. The solution is made from sucrose, a type of sugar that is commonly found in fruits and vegetables. When administered orally, Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solution can have a calming effect on infants, helping to reduce their stress and discomfort during minor medical procedures such as blood draws, vaccinations, and heel sticks. Sucrose solution is also sometimes used to help soothe infants who are experiencing pain or discomfort from colic or other digestive issues. Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solution has been extensively studied and is considered safe for use in infants. In many cases, Sweet-Ease has been shown to be more effective than a placebo in reducing pain and distress during medical procedures, and it is well-tolerated by most babies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solution is orally administered in order to reduce stress or discomfort as a result or during minor medical procedures. Medical professionals may use Sweet-Ease to calm a baby who is overly emotional or disagreeable during a process like a blood drawing or vaccination. In some cases, doctors may also use Sweet-Ease as a way to soothe infants who are experiencing pain from digestive issues.

International Biomedical is a supplier of Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solutions to hospitals and other medical facilities across the globe. Hospital purchasing agents and healthcare administrators can contact us online or over the phone to purchase Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solution from International Biomedical.