Labor & Delivery Products

Entering a new world can be tough, and a seamless transition into life is the goal for every birth. Our L&D solutions provide unique and novel clinical features which focus on care for the mother and her baby.

Infant Resuscitator

The Puffin Infant Resuscitator is a portable, compact all-in-one neonatal resuscitation system complete with a blender, T-Piece, and suction.

Infant Heel Warmers

Infant heel warmers are designed to provide gentle heat to improve blood flow for collection procedures like heel lances and heel sticks.

Infatherm Warming Mattress

Our Infatherm Warming Mattress maintains a suitable body temperature for infants in neonatal care, during transportation, and following delivery alike.

A750i Transport Incubator

The A750i In-House Transport Incubator is an effective transport solution ideal for moving neonatal patients in and around the hospital.

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From a high risk delivery to a NICU graduation and everything in between, International Biomedical’s infant care solutions are with you every step of the way.