Calming & Soothing Infant Healthcare Products

Infant soothing products help soothe and calm newborns and babies in the NICU. Our infant soothing products are suited for all babies, from very low birth weight babies to babies with teeth.

Sweet-Ease Sucrose Solution

  • Sweet-Ease 24% sucrose and purified water solution is used to soothe the baby and is available in 15 mL cups or a 2 mL vial.

Med Pods

  • Patented peanut shape

  • Meets AAP Safe Sleep Standards

  • Double zipper for easy clinical access

  • Signature bebeflex fabric

  • Unique venting


  • Allows for comfort and patient-parent bonding

  • Pure sheep wool and flannel doll absorbs scent and slowly releases

  • Supports the sensitive olfactory system of the infant

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