NICU & Nursery Products

The needs of a NICU or Special Care Nursery patient are unique and wide ranging in complexity. From a simple swaddle to an advanced radiant warmer, our NICU & Nursery solutions nurture the infant and provide life saving therapies and treatments with a delicate touch.

Jaundice Management

Tiny patients require products that provide an extra measure of comfort without sacrificing clinical excellence. Our comprehensive portfolio of easy-to-use phototherapy support products assist you in caring for your smallest patients during every phase of jaundice management.

Infant Heel Warmers

Infant heel warmers provide gentle heat in order to improve infant blood flow for blood collection procedures, such as heel lances or heel sticks.

Infatherm Warming Mattress

The Infatherm Warming Mattress helps infants maintain a suitable body temperature following delivery and during transportation.

Infant Positioning Aids

Our wide range of positioning products provides flexible yet stable support to increase comfort and physiological stability for preterm and ill babies.  It’s all part of our holistic approach to helping you deliver exceptional Developmental Care for your premature and at-risk babies.

A750i Transport Incubator

The A750i In-House Transport Incubator is an effective transport solution ideal for moving neonatal patients in and around the hospital. 

Phototherapy Swaddle

The Bili Pod is a swaddle used during phototherapy
treatment with nearly 95% of light transmission through the mesh fabric.

Therapy Support

 NICU & Nursery patients and clinicians require specialized products to support their everyday needs.  Our therapy support products are designed to aid clinicians during their routine medical procedures.

Calming & Soothing

 Infant soothing products help soothe and calm newborns and babies in the NICU. Our infant soothing products are suited for all babies, from very low birth weight babies to babies with teeth.

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From a high risk delivery to a NICU graduation and everything in between, International Biomedical’s infant care solutions are with you every step of the way.