Infant Therapy Support Products

NICU & Nursery patients and clinicians require specialized products to support their everyday needs.  Our therapy support products are designed to aid clinicians during their routine medical procedures.

Wee Sight Transilluminator

  • One-handed design so one person can easily use it

  • Shaped to position easily around an infant’s tiny limbs

  • Compact and small enough to be used inside an incubator


  • Mild and gentle cleansing for even the most fragile skin

  • Other uses include cord care, diapering, and adhesive removal

  • Sterile, individually packaged lint-free wipes (6” x 4”) for enhanced infection control

BBG Nasal Aspirator

  • The BBG Nasal Aspirator allows efficient, non-invasive suction of the nasal cavity

  • Safe, easy-to-use bulb-style aspirator that features an over-insertion guard

  • Two flexible sizes enable caregivers to provide safe suction in a variety of care environments

Infant Heel Warmers

  • Improves blood flow for procedures like heel sticks or heel lances

  • No adhesive or wet wash towels required

  • Disposable, easy to use and non-toxic

Infatherm Warming Mattress

  • Helps infants maintain suitable body temperature

  • For use during transportation or following delivery

  • Durable construction and non-slip fabric

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