TXP-2D High-Frequency Infant Ventilator

The ONLY High-Frequency Transport Ventilator on the market

The ONLY High Frequency Transport Ventilator on the market

Technologies Overview

TXP-2D High Frequency Ventilator

  • Flow interrupter capable of 600 breaths per minute

  • Compatible with the AeroNOx 2.0 & AeroNOx Nitric Oxide Delivery systems

  • Facilitates both open and protective lung techniques while on transport

  • Unique Phasitron patient interface allows for patient’s synchrony and augmented gas exchange

Multiple mounting options for a custom fit on your Aviator or Voyager transport incubator

Front facing display showing Breath per Minute (BPM) and Mean Airway Pressure (MAP)

Compact and lightweight weighing less than 5 lbs. (2.2 kg).

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