Neonatal Transport Products

Transporting a critically ill infant requires unique equipment and highly trained clinicians to accomplish the live saving mission. Specialized neonatal medical equipment is mission critical to a successful transport. We offer a wide range of medical devices and neonatal transport accessories designed to support the infant’s clinical needs during ground or aeromedical transport.

NxtGen Transport Incubator

The NxtGen Transport Incubator is the most innovative neonatal transport technology on the market. Featuring easy clinical access to the patient, a touchscreen user interface, as well as a compact footprint and customizable options.

Transport Incubators

Explore the most versatile and customizable Transport Incubators on the market designed to support an infant’s clinical needs during ground or aeromedical transport.

Infatherm Warming Mattress

Engineered to assist newborns in neonatal care to maintain suitable body temperature following delivery and during transportation.

Infant Cooling System

The small and lightweight Tecotherm Neo offers total body infant cooling and warming for your mobile therapeutic hypothermia needs.

Infant Positioning Aid

The Transportle Neuro Protection system is a clinically advanced positioning aid that provides protective support for the most precious package during transport and into the NICU. 

Video Intubation System

The NeoView HD enables video laryngoscopy for tracheal intubation on the most fragile patients.

Nitric Oxide Delivery

The AeroNOx 2.0 offers continuous and uninterrupted inhaled Nitric Oxide (NO) Therapy for transport and bedside needs. 

TXP-2D High Frequency Ventilator

The TXP-2D is the only High Frequency Transport Ventilator on the market.

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