Delayed Cord Clamping System

  • “V” shaped elevating mattress platform
  • T-Piece resuscitation during delayed cord clamping
  • Integrated timer with audible alerts
  • Compact footprint to accommodate L&D workflow

Technologies Overview

Lifestart Delayed Cord Clamping System

  • T-piece resuscitation while cord is connected*

  • Warming mattress*

  • APGAR timer with audible alerts

  • “V” shaped elevating mattress platform


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T-Piece Resuscitation*

T-Piece resuscitation and suction options are available for delayed cord clamping during high risk deliveries. Bedside resuscitation allows for delayed cord clamping and resuscitation to be performed simultaneously.


Elevating Base

Adjustable height mattress platform is designed to suit most types of deliveries. Its ergonomic "V" shape and compact design allows clinician to easily position the LifeStart around the mother.


The timer provides distinct, audible alerts at 1, 2, and 3 minutes to indicate how much time has passed with the umbilical cord still intact.