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What Are Infant Heel Warmers?

International Biomedical takes pride in supplying necessary neonatal care products. Our relentless pursuit of innovation is driven by a commitment to enhancing neonatal care, simplifying procedures for healthcare professionals, and reducing stress for newborns. Below, we highlight a critical component of neonatal care – the Infant Heel Warmer, a key tool used in blood draw procedures for infants.

Why Neonatal Blood Sampling Is Performed With the Heel

Neonatal blood sampling is critical in detecting and managing various life-threatening genetic and metabolic conditions early. The heel is often chosen as the site for blood collection in infants due to its relative ease of access and the minimal risk of harming major blood vessels or nerves. A heel prick is also a minimally invasive procedure that makes diagnosis and treatment easier for both infants and healthcare professionals. 

How Do Infant Heel Warmers Improve Newborn Care?

By increasing the temperature of the heel, Infant Heel Warmers significantly improve blood flow to the area. Increased blood flow ensures that a sufficient volume of blood can be collected quickly, reducing the need for multiple pricks and minimizing discomfort for the infant.

Using heel warmers improves blood flow and leads to more consistent blood collection. This consistency is crucial for obtaining accurate diagnostic results, which are essential for the early identification and treatment of potential health issues in newborns.

Infant Heel Warmers and Snugglers are designed for ease of use. Their single-use application is straightforward, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly prepare an infant’s heel for a quality heel stick without causing unnecessary distress or discomfort.

Infant Heel Warmers are also made with nontoxic materials and an easy-peel adhesive – not made from natural rubber latex – so they’re safe to use on infants with latex allergies and prevent skin irritation.

Infant Heel Warmer’s design can also help to naturally increase an infant’s blood flow without compromising comfort. This has a calming effect, making the blood collection process less traumatic for infants who may already be under stress from more invasive testing in the NICU. Additionally, the medical-grade tape strip keeps the infant’s heel in place without irritating the infant’s sensitive skin or sticking to caregivers while in use to minimize application struggle.

The controlled warming provided by these devices is carefully regulated to ensure safety. The Infant Heel Warmer doesn’t require a cooling-off period before use, minimizing the risk of burns or other thermal injuries and promoting a safe environment for the infant and caregiver during blood collection. The temperature is always dependable and consistent. It also does not have any sharp edges to harm caregivers or infants.

Infant Heel Warmers and Snugglers are not only effective but also convenient and cost-effective solutions for neonatal blood collection. Tests are more reliable because fewer samples are needed, which also reduces contamination. Enhanced blood flow also produces consistent sample sizes and quality for accurate testing.

Their ease of use and efficiency in the blood collection process can save valuable time and resources, making them a wise investment for healthcare facilities that prioritize the care and safety of their youngest patients.

Infant Heel Warmers: Keeping Infants Calm and Comfortable in the NICU

At International Biomedical, our dedication to excellence, safety, and innovation stands firm. Our range of products, which encompasses everything from heel warmers to infant transport and respiratory assistance, is meticulously crafted to cater to newborns’ unique needs. We are 100% committed to providing the highest quality solutions, ensuring that neonates and those caring for them can access the best tools for every situation.